Lawn Maintenance Checklist for Commercial Properties in Baton Rouge

Lawn Maintenance Checklist for Commercial Properties in Baton Rouge

Owning a commercial property in Baton Rouge comes with a list of responsibilities for building maintenance. When your building is surrounded by a beautiful lawn, you have an additional checklist to complete to keep your grass looking professional and attractive.

The timing and frequency of tasks will depend on many different factors, including the type of grass you have and the season. But in general, every commercial property in Baton Rouge will need to perform a set list of tasks that you can schedule throughout the year.

Checklist to Keep Your Commercial Lawn Attractive and Healthy 

In order to determine how best to care for your lawn, it is helpful to know what kind of grass you have and familiarize yourself with the Baton Rouge climate as it relates to grass growth so that you know when to perform each of the following tasks:

  • Lawn Mowing – Mowing your lawn can often be a weekly or bi-weekly task in the summer. How often you mow your lawn will depend on the grass type, season, and how fast it is growing in the specific environment around your property.
  • Trimming and Edging – Almost as frequently as lawn mowing, you will want to clean up the edges of lawns around foundations, planters, sidewalks, and other borders to keep things looking neat.
  • Debris Removal – Leaves, twigs, and grass clippings on your lawn look untidy. They can also limit grass growth. Most commercial properties will want to clean grass clippings after each mowing and remove debris regularly year round.
  • Weed Control – There are multiple ways to reduce the number of weeds on your lawn. Regular mowing will be helpful, as well as more targeted actions like pulling weeds or applying herbicides to kill weeds. The common times for weed treatments include pre-emergent herbicides in the late winter to get rid of seeds and post-emergent herbicides throughout the summer to get rid of weeds that have sprouted.
  • Fertilizing – Fertilizer can be beneficial at least once in every season to give your grass the nutrients it needs. The specific type and application of fertilizer will depend on the grass and the time of year.
  • Aerating – Aeration helps relieve soil compaction and makes it easier for grass to spread roots to take in water and nutrients. Commercial grass aeration is most commonly done in the spring, but can also be performed a second time in the fall when necessary. 
  • Overseeding – Overseeding can stimulate new grass growth in areas that are patchy. Spring and fall are the best time for overseeding and it should be done right before fertilization so the new seeds can benefit from the added nutrients.
  • Sprinkler Maintenance – If you have an irrigation system, you want to be sure it is watering efficiently. The best time for irrigation maintenance in Baton Rouge is in the spring before you turn the system on for the first time. 

Steps like weekly lawn mowing and annually aerating a large lawn can be time consuming. Others may go quickly as long as you can remember them at the right time of year. In either case, having a team that manages your commercial landscape maintenance for you will give you a beautiful lawn without the effort. It will also help you avoid any damage that a mistake could make to your lawn’s health. 

Leeson Landscape provides commercial landscape maintenance. Our Baton Rouge lawn mowing and lawn care is a year round service that enables us to anticipate the needs of your lawn and landscaping as we maintain your schedule and lawn care checklist for you. Get more information on our commercial landscaping services and an initial estimate for having Leeson Landscape manage your lawn care.

The Science Behind Commercial Lawn Mowing

The Science Behind Commercial Lawn Mowing

Having a well maintained lawn around your commercial property in Baton Rouge is a reliable way to accomplish a professional and attractive landscape. A lush, green lawn can form the basis of your exterior design or complement other landscaping and hardscaping features, all creating a welcoming exterior that shows the care you put into your property and business. 

But despite how commonplace lawns are at Baton Rouge commercial properties, they are not the easiest landscaping feature to maintain. Keeping them looking great and maintained can require far more than going over them with a lawn mower once a week. In fact, there is a science to lawn mowing that is important for guaranteeing the health and appearance of your lawn.

Correct Techniques for Mowing Commercial Lawns

Lawn care is necessary for far more than simply keeping your grass to a manageable and good looking height. When done correctly, mowing can promote healthy growth and prevent disease or pest problems. Conversely, the wrong bowing techniques can stress your glass and make it weaker.

The best strategies to use for commercial grass mowing are:

  • Mowing at the Right Time – A mowing schedule keeps you up to date on your grass cutting so that it never gets too long and you never cut it too soon. But this schedule needs more than an arbitrary number. It needs to take into account the type of grass, how fast your grass is growing, the time of year, and the amount of water and fertilizer your grass is getting, all impacting how quickly your grass grows.
  • Cut to the Right Length – Cutting grass too short stresses the blades and results in patchy areas, but you still need to cut grass short enough to ensure individual blades get all the sunlight and nutrients they need. The right height is based on grass species and growing conditions, as well as the time of year.
  • Follow the Right Path – Mowing in the same pattern over your lawn on each mowing day can cause the grass to grow in different ways. Changing up your mowing strategy at your commercial property can still provide those clean lines without harming your grass.
  • Grass Edging – Commercial landscaping does not stop after mowing. Since unkempt edges and grass growing over sidewalks can deteriorate any professional appearance gained by precise lawn mowing, services also need to include edging and trimming along sidewalks, flowerbeds, and patio spaces for sharp meat edges.
  • Work with the Right Equipment – Better equipment makes the job go faster and produces a more professional result. In addition to having the right lawn mower for the size of your commercial property’s lawn, you also need mowers and edging equipment that will let you handle any difficult parts of your landscaping, such as using zero-turn lawn mowers to safely navigate slopes on your property. 

Fine tuning a lawn mowing routine requires knowing the science behind lawn care and your grass specifically, as well as being able to observe changes that may necessitate a change in your lawn mowing

approach. This science, in addition to all of the other factors involved in lawn care including watering, fertilization, sunlight, and more, can make lawn maintenance at commercial properties a time consuming task. This is why it is often easier and more effective to leave both the science and the task of lawn mowing to the professionals at Leeson Landscape.

Our experienced commercial landscape care keeps your lawn always looking its best by using in depth science to provide for all of its needs and a customized approach that views lawn mowing as a chance to stimulate growth in your lawn rather than simply cutting it to keep it attractive.

Get more information about our commercial lawn care services in Baton Rouge when you contact police and landscape.

Commercial Landscape Options that Add Value to Your Property

Commercial Landscape Options that Add Value to Your Property

Landscaping at a commercial property in Baton Rouge fulfills several different roles. Depending on the type of businesses there, a commercial property is where you or your tenants welcome customers, create a productive workplace for employees, and contribute to the beauty and the economy of the surrounding neighborhood.

These factors make it valuable to have a property that is attractive, professional, and welcoming, both inside and out. Cleanliness and regular maintenance of outdoor areas contribute to this, but a few landscaping changes can add additional value to your property.

Commercial Landscaping Ideas 

The right commercial landscaping plays an important business role. A beautiful environment can increase productivity and heighten customer satisfaction, helping your own business or attracting more tenants at higher leasing prices. 

Many of these landscaping ideas work with your existing property for a relatively easy and affordable

change to your exterior that adds significant value:

  • Planting Grass – Green grass will make a property feel more lively and healthier, especially when compared with the concrete of parking lots, walkways, and buildings. If your grass is in an area that is likely to receive a lot of traffic, be sure to choose a  high traffic grass like St. Augustine grass or bermudagrass that will continue to maintain its appearance since patchy or dead grass can look very unprofessional. 
  • Trees and Shrubs – Shade trees and shrubs provide additional greenery beyond your turf to make your building look more natural and like part of the landscape. Trees can also help you save on energy costs by reducing sun exposure. 
  • Planting Flowers – Whether you choose native Baton Rouge flowers to create a beautiful landscape and draw bees and birds or vibrantly colored, exotic flowers, flowers around a commercial property bring complexity to the landscape and the care of flowers will indicate how much care you put into your building and business.
  • Mulching Regularly – Installing mulch once or twice a year provides a more natural look than cement without the maintenance needed for grass. Mulch also will save you on watering costs as the mulch helps insulate the soil and retain water.
  • Paver Walkways through Landscaping – While you likely already have concrete sidewalks running throughout your property, walkways that consist of individual pavers winding through your landscaping are attractive additions and provide easy access to any new landscaping features without risking people walking over your grass. The organic texture and spacing of pavers is a more natural and appealing look than concrete.
  • Add Outdoor Lighting – Light around the exterior of your property maintains the appeal both day and night showcasing your landscaping even in the dark. It also creates a more welcoming and safer environment at night since visitors will have additional light to enable them to navigate.

With these various landscaping techniques, it is possible to transform the landscaping at your property. Leeson Landscape makes the process easy with commercial landscaping services in Baton Rouge. We can take your ideas for commercial landscaping and transform them into a beautiful property. Or simply give us the goal for your property and let us use our expert eye to create the perfect commercial landscaping. Contact Leeson to learn more about our commercial landscaping services.

Selecting Turfgrass for Your Baton Rouge Commercial Property

Selecting Turfgrass for Your Baton Rouge Commercial Property

Although many commercial properties in Baton Rouge want a beautiful green lawn for a professional exterior appearance, the process of choosing your grass is often not as simple as buying a bag of grass seed and hoping it takes. All of the various types of turfgrass available in Baton Rouge have different considerations in terms of their benefits and challenges.

Knowing what you want to achieve with turfgrass at your business property – beyond a vibrant green lawn – is helpful in choosing the grass that meets your maintenance capabilities, budget, and desired appearance.

How to Choose the Right Grass for Your Lawn 

The majority of all grass seed in Baton Rouge is warm season grass. This is grass that grows best during high heat and low water conditions in spring, summer, and fall, then goes briefly dormant during the winter. Cool season grass does the opposite, making it unsuitable for most uses in Baton Rouge due to average high temperatures. 

The other factors you will want to consider when selecting grass include:

  • Soil Quality and Growing Conditions – By assessing the amount of sunlight and water, as well as soil composition and pH, you can determine which grass will grow best. Bermudagrass does not tolerate shade and needs full sun. St Augustine grass and bermudagrass both tolerate drought and centipede grass does well in acidic soils that have a high pH.
  • Maintenance Needs – The amount of mowing, fertilization, aeration, and other maintenance that grass needs varies between species. Centipedegrass is often considered the easiest to grow while some types of bermudagrass and zoysiagrass tend to be higher maintenance, so you will ideally either have a landscaping team or a budget for professional lawn care at your commercial property.
  • Space Usage – Some grasses are more ornamental and fragile, such as zoysiagrass. Others are ideal for heavy traffic and hard use, such as bermudagrass which is a common choice for athletic fields and golf courses.
  • Appearance – Another important choice, especially when you want to create a professional look, is the appearance of your lawn. Bermudagrass creates a thick dark green blade, centipedegrass has a lighter color and medium texture, zoysiagrass creates beautiful growth that looks high end, and St. Augustine grass is coarse with a blue green color.

For assistance in choosing the right grass for your lawn, Leeson Landscaping is a landscaping and lawn care company in Baton Rouge that is experienced with commercial landscaping. Once we know the look you wish to achieve at your commercial property, we can use our expertise to help you choose the right turfgrass, as well as provide all the maintenance and care it needs to grow and keep your property looking professional. Get more information on our commercial lawn care services to get started.