Commercial Landscape Options that Add Value to Your Property

by | Apr 21, 2022

Landscaping at a commercial property in Baton Rouge fulfills several different roles. Depending on the type of businesses there, a commercial property is where you or your tenants welcome customers, create a productive workplace for employees, and contribute to the beauty and the economy of the surrounding neighborhood.

These factors make it valuable to have a property that is attractive, professional, and welcoming, both inside and out. Cleanliness and regular maintenance of outdoor areas contribute to this, but a few landscaping changes can add additional value to your property.

Commercial Landscaping Ideas 

The right commercial landscaping plays an important business role. A beautiful environment can increase productivity and heighten customer satisfaction, helping your own business or attracting more tenants at higher leasing prices. 

Many of these landscaping ideas work with your existing property for a relatively easy and affordable

change to your exterior that adds significant value:

  • Planting Grass – Green grass will make a property feel more lively and healthier, especially when compared with the concrete of parking lots, walkways, and buildings. If your grass is in an area that is likely to receive a lot of traffic, be sure to choose a  high traffic grass like St. Augustine grass or bermudagrass that will continue to maintain its appearance since patchy or dead grass can look very unprofessional. 
  • Trees and Shrubs – Shade trees and shrubs provide additional greenery beyond your turf to make your building look more natural and like part of the landscape. Trees can also help you save on energy costs by reducing sun exposure. 
  • Planting Flowers – Whether you choose native Baton Rouge flowers to create a beautiful landscape and draw bees and birds or vibrantly colored, exotic flowers, flowers around a commercial property bring complexity to the landscape and the care of flowers will indicate how much care you put into your building and business.
  • Mulching Regularly – Installing mulch once or twice a year provides a more natural look than cement without the maintenance needed for grass. Mulch also will save you on watering costs as the mulch helps insulate the soil and retain water.
  • Paver Walkways through Landscaping – While you likely already have concrete sidewalks running throughout your property, walkways that consist of individual pavers winding through your landscaping are attractive additions and provide easy access to any new landscaping features without risking people walking over your grass. The organic texture and spacing of pavers is a more natural and appealing look than concrete.
  • Add Outdoor Lighting – Light around the exterior of your property maintains the appeal both day and night showcasing your landscaping even in the dark. It also creates a more welcoming and safer environment at night since visitors will have additional light to enable them to navigate.

With these various landscaping techniques, it is possible to transform the landscaping at your property. Leeson Landscape makes the process easy with commercial landscaping services in Baton Rouge. We can take your ideas for commercial landscaping and transform them into a beautiful property. Or simply give us the goal for your property and let us use our expert eye to create the perfect commercial landscaping. Contact Leeson to learn more about our commercial landscaping services.