Selecting Turfgrass for Your Baton Rouge Commercial Property

by | Apr 14, 2022

Although many commercial properties in Baton Rouge want a beautiful green lawn for a professional exterior appearance, the process of choosing your grass is often not as simple as buying a bag of grass seed and hoping it takes. All of the various types of turfgrass available in Baton Rouge have different considerations in terms of their benefits and challenges.

Knowing what you want to achieve with turfgrass at your business property – beyond a vibrant green lawn – is helpful in choosing the grass that meets your maintenance capabilities, budget, and desired appearance.

How to Choose the Right Grass for Your Lawn 

The majority of all grass seed in Baton Rouge is warm season grass. This is grass that grows best during high heat and low water conditions in spring, summer, and fall, then goes briefly dormant during the winter. Cool season grass does the opposite, making it unsuitable for most uses in Baton Rouge due to average high temperatures. 

The other factors you will want to consider when selecting grass include:

  • Soil Quality and Growing Conditions – By assessing the amount of sunlight and water, as well as soil composition and pH, you can determine which grass will grow best. Bermudagrass does not tolerate shade and needs full sun. St Augustine grass and bermudagrass both tolerate drought and centipede grass does well in acidic soils that have a high pH.
  • Maintenance Needs – The amount of mowing, fertilization, aeration, and other maintenance that grass needs varies between species. Centipedegrass is often considered the easiest to grow while some types of bermudagrass and zoysiagrass tend to be higher maintenance, so you will ideally either have a landscaping team or a budget for professional lawn care at your commercial property.
  • Space Usage – Some grasses are more ornamental and fragile, such as zoysiagrass. Others are ideal for heavy traffic and hard use, such as bermudagrass which is a common choice for athletic fields and golf courses.
  • Appearance – Another important choice, especially when you want to create a professional look, is the appearance of your lawn. Bermudagrass creates a thick dark green blade, centipedegrass has a lighter color and medium texture, zoysiagrass creates beautiful growth that looks high end, and St. Augustine grass is coarse with a blue green color.

For assistance in choosing the right grass for your lawn, Leeson Landscaping is a landscaping and lawn care company in Baton Rouge that is experienced with commercial landscaping. Once we know the look you wish to achieve at your commercial property, we can use our expertise to help you choose the right turfgrass, as well as provide all the maintenance and care it needs to grow and keep your property looking professional. Get more information on our commercial lawn care services to get started.