How Sprinklers Can Benefit Lawns in Baton Rouge

by | Apr 28, 2022

The Louisiana climate means that we have relatively regular rainfall all year long. As a result, your lawn will rarely go without water for long periods of time. But there are still benefits to installing a lawn irrigation system in Baton Rouge when it comes to creating turf that is reliably green and lush.

A professional irrigation system can overcome the various drawbacks of watering your lawn manually or relying solely on rain to provide irrigation, and also provides cost and time benefits for you as a property owner.

Advantages of an Irrigation System for Turf

Sprinklers do more than simply water your lawn, especially when compared to regular rainfall or the process of going out with a hose or setting out a sprinkler yourself. Irrigation creates a regular routine that, when managed by a professional, is exactly tailored to meet the specific needs of your turf. This offers benefits such as:

  • Even Watering – With the correct irrigation layout and timing, your grass gets an even amount of water. This avoids any patchiness that might be the result of watering with a hose or having areas that are covered not get as much rainfall. This can also provide greater efficiency since you will only be using the water you need, providing cost savings on water usage.
  • Automated Scheduling – The best time to water grass is around dawn since water will evaporate more slowly. But since this is not a convenient time for many homeowners or businesses, sprinklers can effectively automate the process. The automation is also helpful if you need to be away from your home on vacation or if your maintenance team at your commercial property has more important tasks to attend to.
  • Built-In Sensors – Many modern sprinkler systems will have sensors for rain and turn your sprinklers off accordingly. This enables you to take advantage of Baton Rouge’s natural rainfall while also avoiding over watering your grass.

All these features will help your grass grow better. When your lawn gets the correct amount of water without extra, you can expect a lawn that is evenly green, healthier, and better able to withstand drought and disease. The grass will grow more evenly for easier mowing and appearance. Without standing water, your grass will also be free of fungi and weed growth.

The more efficient maintenance of a lawn that gets adequate water through a sprinkler system, as well as the cost savings you experience in water usage, will offset the cost of installing a sprinkler system. 

Leeson Landscape is a Baton Rouge landscaping company that can install and calibrate irrigation for your property and grass type. Contact us to discuss all of the advantages that sprinklers can offer for your landscaping and curb appeal in Baton Rouge.