Top Factors When Planning Your Landscape

by | May 7, 2022

Whether you are redoing your entire yard or changing a small area, keeping the different principles of landscaping in mind during the initial planning process will help you create a setting that is attractive and functional.

There are many details to consider when coordinating a landscape, but deciding these 4 big ideas can make planning the rest of your landscape more straightforward. 

What to Consider for Landscape Planning

Landscaping is an opportunity to create an outdoor space customized to your needs and preferences. But understanding those preferences and any limitations is an important first step. As you begin to plan your landscape, you will want to think about the following:

  • Who is Using the Space and How – Your plan to use your yard as an outdoor garden will lead to a much different design from a home where children and pets will regularly be running around. A space dedicated to entertaining will also need different options. Think about what you want from your yard and how you envision using it. Those throwing parties may want well defined spaces with room for furniture. Gardeners will need room for plants in the right growing conditions. 
  • Know the Climate – The hardiness zone, average rainfall, and summer temperatures will all impact which plants and trees will grow, as well as your comfort outdoors. Matching your plants to the climate will give you a far more resilient and easy to maintain landscape, and you will understand any needs for irrigation and drainage. It is also a good reason to consider shade, sunlight, and rain protection. 
  • Theme – A good landscape will have a theme that ties everything together and generally matches the look of your home. This is also the area where you can bring your own personal touch to your yard, whether you are looking for a rustic cottage garden, refined and modern, or serene retreat. The theme you choose will help you determine layouts, plant choices, lighting features paver types, water features, and any other elements that will bring the overall landscape together.

With these basics decided, you can often make all of your future choices in line with these options. Another solution is to work with a Baton Rouge landscape company. At Leeson Landscape, we will use these ideas, taking into account your preference for theme and how you want to use your landscape, and turn that into a customized landscape. Contact our team to share your landscaping ideas and get started with the process today.