Paver Patios – An Alternative to Traditional Patio Styles

by | May 11, 2022

A patio is the perfect setting for an outdoor gathering place. It can be the foundation for your dining area or space for outdoor lounging, making a patio often a center point of your backyard. These patios are often a concrete slab or a deck made from wood or composite decking, but the other option is a paver patio.

Constructed by placing multiple pavers together, this patio solution can be a valuable addition to your landscaping and offers some advantages over concrete patios or wood decks.

Why Add a Paver Patio to Your Landscape

Pavers come in a variety of different styles that make it possible to plan a patio that perfectly matches your outdoor landscaping. Many pavers are precast concrete, which often offers the most cost-effective choice while still providing a range of options in terms of sizing, shape, and texture.  Other paver materials include brick and natural stone such as travertine, flagstone, and slate.

Making a paver patio out of any of these pavers offers benefits that include:

  • Range of Looks – With all the paver options, you can create a more unique patio than is possible with a concrete slab. Stone pavers can provide a rustic aesthetic or a natural feeling that blends in well with the landscape. Architectural cement pavers with clean edges will give your yard a sleek and modern look.
  • Incorporate Greenery – One popular option for a paver patio is to leave a small gap between pavers and fill it with grass or a ground cover plant. This creates a patio that is part of your landscape rather than separate from it.
  • Simple Maintenance – Brick, stone, and concrete all stand up well to the elements, foot traffic, and any outdoor furniture you have. They are easy to clean if dust starts to accumulate and many non slip options are available.
  • Easy Repairs – Damage to a concrete slab may necessitate refinishing or even replacing the entire patio. With a paver patio, you can simply pull up the damaged paver and insert a new one.

Pavers are also a great way to tie an entire yard together by incorporating the same style of pavers into other locations in your landscape such as pathways, secondary patios, and gardens.

At Leeson Landscape, we plan a unique landscape for your home, installing pavers and other elements that will transform patios and natural spaces into your perfect outdoor retreat. Contact our team to discuss your landscape goals and get started with the process.