Benefits of Landscape Lighting at Your Home

by | May 15, 2022

During summers in Baton Rouge, evenings are often one of the best times to sit outside when the air gets slightly cooler and the humidity is not so extreme. But sitting outside in the dark is not generally enjoyable. Candles and torches are unreliable and portable lights can detract from an otherwise cohesive landscape.

Landscape lighting is a permanent solution that brings functional lighting to your space for evening and nighttime use, but also perfectly complements your Baton Rouge landscape for a property that is attractive day and night. 

Why Use Permanent Lighting in Your Landscaping?

There are multiple multiple places around your yard where you can incorporate landscape lighting. Bollard lights and pathway lights will illuminate walkways. Spotlights, garden lights, up lights, or down lights can highlight features of your landscape. Patio lights are also essential for outdoor living spaces. String lights can provide low light and ambiance.

Using different light styles in your landscaping offers benefits such as:

  • More Welcoming – Lighting is one of the key aspects that can make your outdoor space feel as comfortable as an indoor space whether you need an area to entertain or just want to enjoy sitting outside.
  • Safety – Step lights are essential for navigating steps in low light, but even pathways can be difficult in the dark. Lighting pathways will reduce any tripping hazards for you or your visitors.
  • Highlight Landscaping Elements – With lighting, you are not limited to enjoying your landscape and garden only during daylight hours. Spotlights and uplights can make the different elements of your garden stand out in the evening, such as trees, water features, or art. 

The most successful landscape lighting brings all these lighting elements together, creating a landscape in Baton Rouge that is as attractive during the evening as it is in the day.

Leeson Landscape uses a range of landscape lighting in our remodels to create a cohesive look and entirely functional landscape. If you are ready to upgrade your backyard or your commercial property, contact Leeson Landscape to start creating a beautiful and customized evening paradise.