Growing Plants Between Pavers

by | May 19, 2022

Pavers are the ultimate solution for pathways and patios at many properties. With so many different paver options to choose from, cement pavers, flagstones, and brick pavers, and all the different shapes and textures these offer, will fit the style of every landscaping.

You can further customize your paver path by choosing what goes in between them. Cement is an option for a permanent look. Decomposed granite or another small stone has also long been a popular choice for keeping pavers in place and preventing weeds and other unwanted debris from collecting between them. But if your pavers have a few inches of space in between them, this is also a great opportunity to add more greenery to your landscape.

Plants that Will Grow Well in Paver Walkways

The right plants growing among your paving stones or your paver patio will make the pavers blend more seamlessly into the landscape. The flagstones will start to look like a part of the natural setting rather than something that cuts through it. Like cement or gravel, healthy plants will also prevent weeds from sprouting instead. 

But it is important to choose the right types of plants. You still need your walkway to be accessible and should avoid any plants that grow tall and would require people to step over them. Plants also should not grow to cover a paver since this can become a tripping risk. Plants that develop strong root systems could also affect the walkability of your pathway by pushing pavers out of place.

The other consideration is maintenance. Since paver patios and pathways can be expansive, you will likely want plants that require limited upkeep. This leaves many ground cover plans as the perfect options for planting between pavers including:

  • Turf Grass – If your pathway runs through your lawn or your patio sits adjacent to grass, an easy and attractive solution is to let the grass grow in the space around the pavers. This will let your pavers seamlessly mesh with your lawn and allows for simple maintenance since you can rely on your existing irrigation system and mowing to keep grass maintained. 
  • Moss – Moss will give your landscaping a more lush feel and it is generally slow growing so maintenance needs are limited. Year round moisture is a must and moss will struggle in areas of full sun.
  • Creeping Thyme – This herb will provide wiry and thick ground cover between pavers. Be sure to choose creeping thyme since it grows outward not up, and watch to be sure that it is not starting to grow over the pavers themselves
  • Clover – One of the easier growing plants, clover will give you a soft and grassy texture between pavers with a little more definition than standard turf.
  • Blue Star Creeper – For flowers between pavers, blue star creeper is the ideal option, offering delicate, pale blue blossoms with bright green leaves. It is highly resilient and does well in a shady environment.

Paver plants will need at least a few inches between stones in order to establish their roots and have enough room to grow. Some plants may need a little more space than others.

When choosing which to plant, you also need to be sure you have the right conditions in terms of shade, water, and soil type to help your plants become established. As landscaping and garden care experts in Baton Rouge, Leeson Landscape can create the perfect backyard for local homeowners, combining natural elements with your hardscaping. Get more information on our landscaping services when you contact our team.