Lawn Maintenance Checklist for Commercial Properties in Baton Rouge

by | Jun 30, 2022

Owning a commercial property in Baton Rouge comes with a list of responsibilities for building maintenance. When your building is surrounded by a beautiful lawn, you have an additional checklist to complete to keep your grass looking professional and attractive.

The timing and frequency of tasks will depend on many different factors, including the type of grass you have and the season. But in general, every commercial property in Baton Rouge will need to perform a set list of tasks that you can schedule throughout the year.

Checklist to Keep Your Commercial Lawn Attractive and Healthy 

In order to determine how best to care for your lawn, it is helpful to know what kind of grass you have and familiarize yourself with the Baton Rouge climate as it relates to grass growth so that you know when to perform each of the following tasks:

  • Lawn Mowing – Mowing your lawn can often be a weekly or bi-weekly task in the summer. How often you mow your lawn will depend on the grass type, season, and how fast it is growing in the specific environment around your property.
  • Trimming and Edging – Almost as frequently as lawn mowing, you will want to clean up the edges of lawns around foundations, planters, sidewalks, and other borders to keep things looking neat.
  • Debris Removal – Leaves, twigs, and grass clippings on your lawn look untidy. They can also limit grass growth. Most commercial properties will want to clean grass clippings after each mowing and remove debris regularly year round.
  • Weed Control – There are multiple ways to reduce the number of weeds on your lawn. Regular mowing will be helpful, as well as more targeted actions like pulling weeds or applying herbicides to kill weeds. The common times for weed treatments include pre-emergent herbicides in the late winter to get rid of seeds and post-emergent herbicides throughout the summer to get rid of weeds that have sprouted.
  • Fertilizing – Fertilizer can be beneficial at least once in every season to give your grass the nutrients it needs. The specific type and application of fertilizer will depend on the grass and the time of year.
  • Aerating – Aeration helps relieve soil compaction and makes it easier for grass to spread roots to take in water and nutrients. Commercial grass aeration is most commonly done in the spring, but can also be performed a second time in the fall when necessary. 
  • Overseeding – Overseeding can stimulate new grass growth in areas that are patchy. Spring and fall are the best time for overseeding and it should be done right before fertilization so the new seeds can benefit from the added nutrients.
  • Sprinkler Maintenance – If you have an irrigation system, you want to be sure it is watering efficiently. The best time for irrigation maintenance in Baton Rouge is in the spring before you turn the system on for the first time. 

Steps like weekly lawn mowing and annually aerating a large lawn can be time consuming. Others may go quickly as long as you can remember them at the right time of year. In either case, having a team that manages your commercial landscape maintenance for you will give you a beautiful lawn without the effort. It will also help you avoid any damage that a mistake could make to your lawn’s health. 

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