The Science Behind Commercial Lawn Mowing

by | Jun 23, 2022

Having a well maintained lawn around your commercial property in Baton Rouge is a reliable way to accomplish a professional and attractive landscape. A lush, green lawn can form the basis of your exterior design or complement other landscaping and hardscaping features, all creating a welcoming exterior that shows the care you put into your property and business. 

But despite how commonplace lawns are at Baton Rouge commercial properties, they are not the easiest landscaping feature to maintain. Keeping them looking great and maintained can require far more than going over them with a lawn mower once a week. In fact, there is a science to lawn mowing that is important for guaranteeing the health and appearance of your lawn.

Correct Techniques for Mowing Commercial Lawns

Lawn care is necessary for far more than simply keeping your grass to a manageable and good looking height. When done correctly, mowing can promote healthy growth and prevent disease or pest problems. Conversely, the wrong bowing techniques can stress your glass and make it weaker.

The best strategies to use for commercial grass mowing are:

  • Mowing at the Right Time – A mowing schedule keeps you up to date on your grass cutting so that it never gets too long and you never cut it too soon. But this schedule needs more than an arbitrary number. It needs to take into account the type of grass, how fast your grass is growing, the time of year, and the amount of water and fertilizer your grass is getting, all impacting how quickly your grass grows.
  • Cut to the Right Length – Cutting grass too short stresses the blades and results in patchy areas, but you still need to cut grass short enough to ensure individual blades get all the sunlight and nutrients they need. The right height is based on grass species and growing conditions, as well as the time of year.
  • Follow the Right Path – Mowing in the same pattern over your lawn on each mowing day can cause the grass to grow in different ways. Changing up your mowing strategy at your commercial property can still provide those clean lines without harming your grass.
  • Grass Edging – Commercial landscaping does not stop after mowing. Since unkempt edges and grass growing over sidewalks can deteriorate any professional appearance gained by precise lawn mowing, services also need to include edging and trimming along sidewalks, flowerbeds, and patio spaces for sharp meat edges.
  • Work with the Right Equipment – Better equipment makes the job go faster and produces a more professional result. In addition to having the right lawn mower for the size of your commercial property’s lawn, you also need mowers and edging equipment that will let you handle any difficult parts of your landscaping, such as using zero-turn lawn mowers to safely navigate slopes on your property. 

Fine tuning a lawn mowing routine requires knowing the science behind lawn care and your grass specifically, as well as being able to observe changes that may necessitate a change in your lawn mowing

approach. This science, in addition to all of the other factors involved in lawn care including watering, fertilization, sunlight, and more, can make lawn maintenance at commercial properties a time consuming task. This is why it is often easier and more effective to leave both the science and the task of lawn mowing to the professionals at Leeson Landscape.

Our experienced commercial landscape care keeps your lawn always looking its best by using in depth science to provide for all of its needs and a customized approach that views lawn mowing as a chance to stimulate growth in your lawn rather than simply cutting it to keep it attractive.

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