Most Common Landscape Mistakes in Baton Rouge

by | Jun 27, 2022

A well maintained landscape makes a property look great and a beautiful design can elevate a property to be stunning. But at the same time, mistakes in landscaping and landscape maintenance can quickly deteriorate the entire look of your property. 

Most of these challenges are common mistakes that many properties in Baton Rouge make. Yet when you know what to avoid, they are often easily manageable.

Landscaping and Landscape Maintenance Mistakes 

As a homeowner, having a neat and attractive yard in Baton Rouge does not need to take hours and hours of work. While there can be rare challenges, such as pests and disease, avoiding these mistakes during the initial landscape installation and ongoing maintenance will significantly limit the time you have to spend on your yard:

  • Not Planning for Irrigation – Lawns and many flowers and shrubs can require extensive water, needing more than Baton Rouge regularly gets. When you can plan for irrigation needs with sprinklers and drip systems as you are installing landscaping, you will save yourself from having to hand water or have plants dying of drought later on. 
  • Not Considering Flooding and Drainage – Pooling water is never good for plants, often leading to bugs and disease. During the landscape installation phase, you want to be sure that any necessary sloping and grading is done and that you have installed drains where needed.
  • Missing Landscape Functionality – The best landscapes are more than lawns, plants, and trees. They also include functional features like walkways, areas for seating, lighting, and other features. Failing to plan out these features can leave you with a landscape that people find it difficult to spend time in even if it is beautiful. 
  • Not Maintaining Plants – Landscapes may look beautiful when first installed. But a few months without the right maintenance for plants will quickly cause the entire landscape to degrade and risk your investment. When planning the landscape, it is important to consider the amount of effort you have to dedicate to maintenance and plan accordingly.
  • Not Maintaining Hhardscaping – Hardscaping can also age and degrade over time. You should pay attention to any potential repairs that need to be made since this will keep everything looking nice. You may also consider replacing and regularly upgrading any elements that are no longer adding to your overall landscape appeal.
  • Planning Landscaping Yourself – With all of these different considerations for landscaping, it is also best to leave the work to professionals who are already experienced in accounting for each of these various challenges. The process of planning and installing landscaping is an intensive one, but professionals can make sure you have considered all the available options. Although DIY landscaping often starts off as an attempt to save on costs, it can quickly become more expensive once you start accounting for fixing these mistakes.

Leeson Landscape is a Baton Rouge landscaping company that can plan and perfect your landscape. We manage each landscaping project, successfully helping you avoid any of these mistakes. We can also provide regular, high quality upkeep with landscaping maintenance and lawn care in Baton Rouge to make sure you get the most out of your initial landscaping investment. 

Contact us to discuss landscaping ideas for your commercial or residential property and get the process started.