Guide to Container Planting in Your Baton Rouge Landscape

by | May 23, 2022

Flowers, shrubs, ornamental trees, and herbs growing in containers around your yard are a great way to add visual interest to your landscaping. They add height and also incorporate the decorative containers of your choice. 

Regardless of what you are growing, planting in containers is somewhat different than planting in the ground, but with the right preparation steps, you can soon have a beautiful display of vibrant container flowers or manicured shrubs and ornamental plants around your home or business.

How to Grow Plants in Containers

Many of your favorite flowers, shrubs, and vegetables can be grown in a container as well as in the ground. Here in Baton Rouge, containers offer additional benefits for some plants since they give you the ability to more closely control the temperature and environment by keeping plants off the ground or moving smaller containers around, or even indoors during inclement weather.

For any plants that you are planning on growing in a container, use the following steps to ensure healthy growth:

  • Select the Right Container – Almost any container can be suitable for plants, although some will be easier. In addition to choosing one that matches the rest of your landscaping and your personal aesthetic, keep in mind that larger containers work better since they hold more soil, water, and nutrients and give your plants more room to spread. Glazed ceramic is a durable outdoor option. Metal is as well, although it does best in shape since otherwise it may get too warm and scorch your plants’ roots. Your container will also need at least one drainage hole on the bottom.
  • Fill Your Container – Add a layer of stone or small pebbles to the bottom of your container. This will promote good drainage. Cover this rock layer with a mesh gardening fabric to prevent soil from falling through and then fill the rest of the container with your soil, using the right blend for the specific plants that you are growing.
  • Hydrate the So- Because you will be using potting soil rather than ground soil, the dirt will most likely be dry and potentially hydrophobic, meaning it will not absorb water. To rehydrate the soil before you put your plants in, add water to the container and then give it time to soak into the soil. When the soil is noticeably moist when you handle it, you are ready for planting. 
  • Consider Your Placement – Containers are more susceptible to temperature changes and ambient conditions because they are off the ground. A rise in temperature or direct sunlight will quickly heat up your container, making it more likely to dry out and overheat. The benefit of a container is that you can place it in the optimal position for the plants who will be growing, whether they need full sun, partial sun, or mostly shade.
  • Grow Your Plants – Add your plants to your container and let them start to grow, using the right fertilization and watering for the type of plants you have. Especially in the beginning, monitor carefully until you get a feeling for it how quickly your soil dries out. You can test by sticking your finger 2 inches into the soil to determine if it is still moist or needs more water.

If you have container plants or want to add some to your landscape, Leeson Landscape is a Baton Rouge landscaping and maintenance company that can keep your existing container plants thriving and help make beautiful container gardens part of your next landscaping project. Call us to get started.