Low Maintenance Landscaping Ideas for Baton Rouge

by | May 27, 2022

There are many reasons to want low maintenance landscaping. Maybe you want to spend less time mowing, hedging, and trimming. You might want a yard that requires less water and is more resistant to changes in weather. Or you need a landscape that looks good year round.

Low maintenance landscaping is often the solution. Depending on what you want to accomplish with a low maintenance landscape, there are a number of upgrades you can make to your landscaping to achieve your goal.

How to Make Your Landscaping More Low Maintenance

Whether you are looking to cut out a few of the more demanding elements in your yard or are planning an entirely new landscape that focuses on easy care, the leading solutions for maintenance free landscaping include:

  • Choose Native – Plants that are native to Baton Rouge will naturally grow well in the area, often without the need for much additional water or fertilizer, and positively contribute to your local environment. Yet these plants and trees still offer some beautiful landscaping options. If you are choosing non-native plants, select options that do well in hardiness zone 9 so that they will still thrive in Baton Rouge. 
  • Select Evergreen – Trees that are evergreen, such as such as southern magnolia, Southern pine, and live oaks, and evergreen shrubs like azaleas, Japanese yew, and Chinese Holly will stay green all year long, reducing the need to plant multiple different flowers and shrubs to avoid a period of your yard looking dead in the winter.
  • Choose an Easy Turfgrass – Centipedegrass and St. Augustinegrass are two of the easiest turf grasses to grow in Louisiana , requiring low watering and fertilization. You can also go for the no-maintenance option and install artificial grass.
  • Plant Larger Plants – Trees or larger shrubs will have as much visual impact as several smaller flowers, but require far less maintenance.
  • Incorporate Hardscaping and Non-Organic Features – Rocks, patios, water features, and other decorative elements in your yard require no maintenance but still look great. You can also consider replacing areas of grass with gravel or stone. 
  • Use Technology – If you have an irrigation system, use a timer and set it for optimal watering so that you did not have to remember that step. 

A key feature in a low maintenance landscaping is the effort up front during installation. By laying down barriers, taking time to choose healthy plants in the right varieties, and making sure they are well established, you will experience fewer maintenance problems later on.

Working with Leeson Landscape for landscaping and maintenance in Baton Rouge is also the easiest maintenance- free way to keep your yard beautiful. By relying on our team for landscape planning, you can ensure the installation is well done and will continue to look great for years to come. We can also prioritize xeriscape design and other low maintenance options.

With our ongoing lawn and garden maintenance, you leave all maintenance to our experienced team and simply enjoy a beautiful yard. Get more information about our full range of landscaping and maintenance services by contacting Leeson Landscape.