Why Upgrade to a Smart Sprinkler? 

by | Jul 4, 2022

Homes and businesses with an irrigation system in Baton Rouge already experience a wide range of benefits when it comes to helping their landscape thrive. The automation and additional control you get in watering your lawn and other landscaping features offer both convenience and cost savings.

A smart sprinkler that incorporates WiFi and data analysis into your watering can provide additional advantages that make upgrading to a smart irrigation system the right choice for almost all of the homes and businesses in Baton Rouge.

How a Smart Sprinkler Can Benefit Your Property

Irrigation systems in Baton Rouge make it possible to give your yard uniform watering throughout the year regardless of rainfall levels. Automating the process is also generally more efficient than watering with a hose or above ground sprinkler. 

But traditional automatic sprinkler systems are still responsible for wasting hundreds of gallons of water a month on average since they tend to use more of a “set it and forget it” approach to lawn watering. Smart sprinklers keep the automation but have the ability to fine tune watering in order to give your yard or business property the exact amount of water it needs, preventing underwatering and overwatering through the following methods:

  • Rain Detection – Many smart smart smart sprinklers will know if it is raining or has rained recently, and they will change the amount of water they provide accordingly so you are never overwatering the grass.
  • Weather Monitoring – Smart sprinklers can provide real time weather monitoring. If a forecast predicts rain later in the day, a smart sprinkler will reduce the amount of water it provides beforehand.
  • Moisture Tracking – Some systems have moisture trackers in the ground and can adjust watering based on readings. This is helpful as rain and evaporation rates change from day to day.
  • Damage Indicators – A smart sprinkler can tell you if any damage or low flow areas are detected in the system so that you can fix the issue immediately rather than waiting until you find it on your own.
  • Set Sprinklers from Anywhere – By using your phone, you can control sprinklers anywhere with a WiFi connection. This enables you to monitor sprinklers while on vacation or without needing to come into your commercial building

All these benefits will significantly cut down on the amount of water you are using, letting your smart sprinkler system automatically conserve water that could otherwise be lost due to rain, leaks, damage, overwatering, and other issues, saving costs on your water bill. Smart sprinklers can also help prevent landscape damages that result from overwatering, such as flooding, fungus, and disease. 

This means that an investment in a smart watering system can quickly pay for itself in cost savings. To get started with the process and get a cost estimate for installing a smart sprinkler system at your Baton Rouge home or business, contact Leeson Sandscape. We are the number one residential and commercial landscape maintenance and irrigation company in Baton Rouge with solutions that we can customize to your property. Contact us to learn more about how this technology is changing the way properties manage their landscapes.