Native Baton Rouge Flowers

by | Feb 26, 2022

Flowers are a standout in any landscaping plan. Planted in flower beds, blossoming in pots, or lining a walkway – wherever you plant them, they bring beautiful color and interest to a property.

When choosing which flowers to plant around your home or business, native Lousianna wildflowers are always a good option. They are well adapted to the local climate and more likely to thrive. Wildflowers are also beneficial to the local environment, including the other plants in your yard, because they attract bees, birds, and other helpful insects.

Which Native Wildflowers to Plant in Your Yard

The good news is that many wildflowers that grow naturally in our area are also among the most beautiful flower species. Local favorites for landscaping include:

  • Scarlet Sage – As the name suggests, these flowers are vibrant red. Several showy blooms will grow from a single stem that can reach up to 18 inches. Scarlet sage has a long blooming time and will bring color to your garden from early spring to late fall.
  • Louisiana Iris – Irises are always showstoppers, and the 5 species native to Louisiana are no exception. Colors include deep purple, lavender, red, and blue. These wildflowers naturally grow in swamps, and will thrive near water features in your yard.
  • Gaura – Also known as beeblossom, guara blossoms are compared to butterflies perched on twigs. The original color is delicate white, but breeders have also developed bright pink guara as well. This flower is drought-tolerant, grows rapidly, and blooms throughout the summer.
  • Louisiana Phlox – These wildflowers grow close to the ground for a beautiful carpet of flowers in your beds. They bloom in spring with petals ranging from purple to blue, and let off a light frangrance. Phlox will attract bees and butterflies to your garden.

Baton Rouge landscaping company Leeson can help you determine which of these wildflowers and others will create the ideal look around your home or business. Whether you prefer a carefully manicured look or a more natural garden, we use our eye for detail and botanical knowledge to combine wildflowers and more exotic species at your property for a beautiful landscape. Contact us to learn more about our gardening and landscaping services.