Landscaping Ideas to Create an Outdoor Entertaining Space

by | Jun 4, 2022

When you have a beautiful backyard, spending time outdoors is often preferable to being inside. This can be the case whether you are having a large party or simply want to enjoy an evening with family. Fortunately, there are multiple ways to transform your yard into the perfect entertaining space from making a few smaller additions or planning a complete backyard transformation.

If you simply want to make some quick changes to a different area, the only limitations to your options for entertainment-ready landscaping are time, budget, and imagination. But there are a range of options regardless of how much time and effort you want to commit.

Based on your budget and goals, these solutions can provide your inspiration to upgrade your backyard for this summer’s entertainment :

Backyard Entertainment Upgrades for Every Yard

  • Refresh Your Landscape – Reseeding your lawn, sharpening lines between flower beds and turf, and changing out a few plants are easy ways to freshen up your backyard and give it a cleaner and neater appearance. 
  • Adding New Planters – Adding container plants to the front or backyard or creating a new bed is a simple and low cost way to introduce new plants and shrubs without interrupting existing landscaping.
  • Installing a Garden Path – A pathway paver pathway is an easy option to open up your yard and take advantage of all the available space.
  • Add Decorative Elements – Water features, statuary, and rocks make an attractive addition to your landscape without any additional maintenance.
  • Add Landscaping Lighting – For nighttime entertaining, patio lights, pathway lights, and stair lights will make for a comfortable yard in the evening and are a must for safety.
  • Plant New Trees – As trees grow, they will provide wonderful shade and privacy for your backyard for work.
  • Set Up Game Areas – Designate a space for games like bocce ball or cornhole with an area of turfgrass or pea gravel.
  • Build Entertaining Areas – A new patio, firepit, or pergola is the perfect place for guests to sit. If you want to truly embrace outdoor entertaining, an outdoor kitchen area is a valuable investment.
  • Redo the Entire Backyard – If you have the budget and are dedicated to an outdoor entertaining space, hire a landscaper to complete a total transformation with new entertaining areas, turf, trees, garden beds, water features, and more. 

Even if you are opting for smaller upgrades and not redoing your entire yard, working with a landscaper will provide excellent results. A Baton Rouge landscape contractor can help use your budget more effectively by implementing the changes that will have the most benefits. They can also help you space out your upgrades over time for a cost effective landscaping transformation.

Leeson Landscape offers landscape installation and ongoing maintenance in Baton Rouge that can help you customize your outdoor entertainment area and keep your yard attractive year round so that you are always ready for entertaining. If you are ready to make a change at your home or just want to keep your backyard beautiful this summer, contact Leeson to learn how we can help you.